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Our story goes back to the early 20th century in Italy, after World War I, when Grandpa Tommaso, born into a large generation of shoemakers, leather artisans and tradition, moved to Argentina to start a whole new life.

A passion is Born

After several years of observing and learning from Grandpa, thirteen-year-old Alicia started making her first leather creations: small bags and shoes, hand stitched for personal use.

From that moment on, Alicia's passion for leathercraft never stopped, at just 20 years of age she opened her own factory and boutique in Rosario, Argentina; designing and producing high quality bags for her shop and for numerous retailers in Argentina, Brazil, and Chile.

Success and Teaching 

After more than 30 years of hard work in her own leather factory and shop, Alicia took her passion another step forward and completed her studies in Interior and Fashion design.

From that moment on, she also worked as a teacher, a Tailor and Leathercraft teacher, for several years in many Arts and Crafts Argentinian Schools.

Back to Italy

With more than 45 years of experience, Alicia decided to go back to Italy to continue pursuing her dream.

The "Oltrarno" artisan district of Florence, with a long arts and crafts tradition, was where she chose to open in 2012 her new Leather Workshop. 

Present and Future

Today Alicia makes unique handmade bags and accessories, using Italian leather and the highest quality materials.

Continuing the long family tradition her daughter Ivana, after several years of working as a wedding dress embroiderer and after completing her degree in Fine Arts, started in 2010 making her own line of one of a kind embroidered jewellery, available in the Workshop.

Alicia's son Luciano with his wife Tammara work creating luxury leather pet accessories, also available in the workshop and on

Alicia Firenze Workshop

Every product in our workshop is the result of more than 45 years of personal experience and centuries of family tradition working with leather, merged with fresh ideas and unique designs and features.


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